I’m Emily Sandberg.
I help small business owners take charge of their money.


Literally, the accountant called me two months into my job and told me if things didn’t change fast, this business was going under.


Bills were piling up and payroll was almost impossible. The new owner was not a money guy; he hated looking at the numbers. The first time we sat down to go over the finances, it was painful. No one wants to hear that their business is not doing well, let alone going under. But knowing the truth about his business changed that business owner;  there was no more hiding from the numbers.


Over the weeks and months after our first meeting, he got laser focused on marketing, trimmed expenses, and made tough decisions based on the facts. He set up a regular meeting for us to go over the numbers, and he started liking it!  He used the information to test his marketing and to forecast income and expenses. He started understanding his business so much better; he gained confidence and got more strategic every day.


As he kept at it--watching the numbers and making decisions based on the truth, the business grew; more money started coming in. The owner paid down the pile of bills, started saving money, and handled payroll just fine. Soon, he doubled his personal income, paid off debt, and built his reserve.  


Within just a few years, this business owner took his business from the brink of failure to real health and stability. He went from being an owner who was afraid to look at his money to an owner who knew his business, understood his cash flow, and had several months’ of reserve in the bank.


I had a front row seat to this transformation, and I was hooked. Today, I get to spend my working hours supporting other business owners in the same kind of transformation--from confusion and overwhelm with money to competence and confidence in their business. It’s fantastic.

I’m a teacher at heart (with a degree in math--so you know the numbers don’t scare me).  I’ve spent a lot of years studying business, money management, and self development. Knowing that small business finance is mostly about behavior, I'm also a certified life coach through The Life Coach School. I use this combination of a teacher’s heart and an eye for numbers to coach my clients through what seems scary and overwhelming to them--understanding their money in their business, what it means, and how to do it better. 

It’s time to take charge of your money.

My first bookkeeping job was at a business that was failing--