Here's how it works: 

You and I meet once a month to look at the money. 

We look at all your money in one place at one time, and map out a plan to make it work.

We look ahead to potential slow months, expensive months, tax bills, and the time off you want to take.

How much do you want to spend on Facebook ads?

We’ll plan for it and make sure it works with all of your other plans.  

Not paying yourself enough?  

We will figure out why and make a plan to change that.

You’ll leave our call knowing if you're profitable. You’ll know how much you can pay yourself, how much to pay the credit card, and how much to put in reserve.

You will know exactly how much money you need to bring in this month to reach your goals.  

Ready to get started? 

The next step is to start a conversation.  Let’s talk--you can tell me what’s going right and what’s going wrong and I’ll show you where I can help.  


There’s no pressure, just possibilities: 

Pay yourself 

Pay your bills. 

Be ready for taxes. 


Increase your profits. 

Still not sure?

Sometimes it helps to hear it from somebody else. Below are a few of my current clients, letting you know what their experience has been.

Are you ready to get clear on all your money?



Dylan, Gym Owner

"8 months in, not only have I payed off my debt, but I have accumulated another 40k in savings for a rainy day"

Before Emily I was always guessing each month what I was saving, profiting, and how much I needed to make to sustain my business. I literally had a pit in my stomach come tax season and each month calculating my profit and loss. I was about 30k in debt, had just changed my business model, and honestly felt like I was pretty close to shutting my doors. 8 months in, not only have I payed off my debt with the help of Emily’s projections and finding areas to save, but I have accumulated another 40k in savings for a rainy day. I pay myself a great salary and am not in survival mode. I feel confident and comfortable with the projections we make each month and I am able to manage my money both business and personal much better now. I recommend Emily to any gym owner or small business owner looking to increase their profit, know their numbers, and make logical business decisions. 


Vanessa, HR

"Money management is pretty seamless now... I can't imagine living any other way"

Working with Emily has changed so many things.  Knowing where my money is going and how much I know I need to make each month is so useful. Being able to forecast has been a game changer. I can't imagine living any other way. 

Before working with Emily, I was playing it more cautious. Now that I know how much I can invest in projects that will help my business grow, I take more risks. 

 It takes very little time and is easy for me to get the financial information I need when I want it. I don't dread it anymore, and I actually enjoy sorting payments and checking the reports, its fun to see how things are evolving month by month and quarter by quart
Before, balancing the budget each month was a huge headache, so I wouldn't do it for several months and then would have an even larger mess to clean up. I'd have to spend an entire day on my finances. Money management is pretty seamless now--I probably spend less about and hour or two a month.


Deirdre, Speaker Coach

"I can tell she really cares about what she’s doing... She gives me peace of mind" 

I love Emily.  She gives me peace of mind that everything is being handled in the bookkeeping part of my business and I really appreciate the level of detail she goes into. I can tell she really cares about what she’s doing--she’s always willing to look into things when I have a question.


I find Emily to be super encouraging, but she also questions me and is candid about my business. We have higher level conversations. It’s not just what’s in the books, but we look at profitability and expenses and she gives me ideas and recommendations. Her fee is very reasonable for the service she provides.  


I love the software we use and the way I can see everything in one place.  It really keeps me on track.